All the vaporous delicacy of the aquatint, barely modelled by a few rapid dry-point inflections: an evocation of enigmatic futures? One dancer peers over the footlight, the other turns around as if seized by a last hesitation. A thick line separates them, along which the etcher's saw will soon divide the plate into two prints. Similarly we leave 2020 peering into the evanescent nebulosity of a new year...

2020 saw only two posts published due to inaccessibility of the archives and attrition of the raw material. On the flip side, maturation of the posts became slower so they grew more density. After Grignard, the hyperactive industrialist turned wholehearted patron, we also met Quignolot, the classicaly educated pedagogue who taught a whole generation of artists lightness of pencil and freedom of spirit: how better to enter a new century?

2021 will not see many more new posts... One is getting ready on some illustrations and I will give more information on Brouet's original color prints, but my plans are mainly a deep rejuvenation of the Web site, or at least of both its textual content and the underlying cybernetic paraphernalia... I am just now testing a framework based on the CollectiveAccess freeware for print cataloguing. With this, I am confident I should be able to resume regular updating of the print catalog, which had come to a standstill due to outdated software. Of course, I will also share the software itself (the new one!) with anyone interested by print cataloguing and not too much put off by the whimsicality of computers.

With this, I wish you the best for 2021!